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NCUMA 2024 Summer Conference Sessions​

Thursday, July 18

Fireside Chat:"Adapting & Thriving in Today’s Regulatory Environment" by Rodney Hood

Rodney Hood served as the 11th Chairman of the National Credit Union Administration and will provide insights about his experience serving on the board while also discussing today’s challenging regulatory environment in Washington, DC. He will highlight supervisory priorities and regulatory policies that credit unions must skillfully navigate in order to remain viable.  Topics will include Enterprise Risk Management, Over Draft Protection, Succession Planning, Vendor Authority, Consumer Protection, Financial Inclusion, Fintech Use Cases, Board Governance,Credit Union Mergers and Bank Acquisitions.  


"Emerging Trends Impacting Member Service” by Steve Langley

In years past, serving members was a simple mix of exchanging pleasantries while conducting a sterile transaction and then on to the next member.  For decades, credit unions have been the ones dictating how a member may conduct their business.  However, times have changed and so have consumer expectations when it comes to fulfilling their financial service’s needs.  Credit unions are now pivoting and rethinking their approach to Member Service. It’s not a surprise that brand loyalty increases dramatically when members feel respected, appreciated, and valued.  In fact, when this occurs, credit unions can realize upwards of 90% of their members advocating for their organizations and we all know, there is no better marketing tool than the power of a delighted member.  

Key Takeaways
·      Trends that influence member service
·      How the employee engagement factor is changing
·      Leadership priorities and challenges

 Friday, July 19

"Geo-economic and Geopolitical Overview: A World Rapidly Transforming" by Frank Kelly

Geopolitical shifts and events along with geoeconomics challenges continue to impact US and global markets in ways we have not seen in decades.  Frank will discuss issues ranging from global/regional tensions as well as economic outlooks, trade, supply chain shifts, etc.  He will also discuss how US and other free market democracies increasingly see India as a political ally and economic partner in the facing of a declining China – a shift which will redefine global markets for decades to come. 

"The US Economic, Financial, and Political Outlook 2025 - 2026" by Frank Kelly

2025 and 2026 are likely to be years of fiscal reckoning in the US.  Frank will offer a macro-overview of what we  are likely to see in the US (weaving in how the geo-economic and geopolitical forces discussed in the first session are directly impacting the US domestic scenario).  With a presidential election two months away, what will the financial regulatory agenda be under either candidate?  Tax policy will be front and center as much of the Trump tax bill of 2017 is set to expire – all as the US faces all-time high federal deficits. How will Washington deal with this massive and growing challenge?  And where does the Federal Reserve play a role and who will lead the Fed when Jay Powell’s term ends in 2026? 


Saturday, July 20

 “Spotlight on Internal Fraud” by David Reed

Cybersecurity remains front and center of every conversation related to security, and for good reason.    But what happens if the biggest security risk is already INSIDE your credit union?   While no one likes to focus on the prospects of the bad guys being credit union employees, creating an informed perspective on internal security is essential to sound credit union operations. From pre-employment screenings to routine monitoring of existing staff, this presentation looks at all aspects of an effective internal security program.     It is time to look at new ways to keep the bad guys out and effectively monitor existing staff without creating a “Big Brother” mentality. 

 "Diversity:  A Governance Perspective” by David Reed

Credit unions exist to serve the needs of their defined membership, so isn't it logical that key decisions be made by people who reflect the views, values and needs of that membership? This is at the heart of considering diversity in your governance model. All a person's characteristics impact their thought processes. Age, sex, race, nationality, education, profession, community participation, are just some of the many factors to consider. Diversity of viewpoints leads to better business decisions. It is a fact.  Being deliberate in your nominations process to reflect a broader community perspective is an essential element to sharpening credit union performance in a rapidly changing environment. It is time to focus on the promise and process of promoting diversity within your governance model.

Sunday, July 21

"CU and the DeFi Revolution” by Becky Reed      

The decentralized cooperative ethos of both credit unions and the decentralized finance (DeFi) movement are aligned.  Although one movement can be seen as legacy or ‘analog’ and the other as contemporary or ‘digital’, the foundational alignment between the two is clear.  The future of finance is a new paradigm where both the credit union model of cooperation and fairness is combined with the new digital economy where consumers control their financial lives. 

"Open Banking is the Future of Collaboration” by Becky Reed

The CFPB is already moving toward an Open Banking mandate here in the United States.  But, what exactly is Open Banking and why is the CFPB so focused on it?  Open Banking is the future of finance and consumer protection - but it won't work in today's centralized Web2 world.  Learn how credit unions can leverage the emerging technology landscape of Web3 in order to deliver the right open banking experience for members.  


Times, events, and topics are subject to change without notice.

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