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Business Conference

Saturday, July 8

“The Current State of the US Economy” Part I by Ed Seifried

Dr Seifried’s presentation will cover several current topics.  He will address the following issues:  the highest Fed Funds rate in years, a Banking (Credit Union) crisis, the serious threat of an economic downturn, and inflation that seems impervious to rate hikes.  As the summer of 2023 gets into full swing, inflation measures, especially the Fed’s favorite, Core Personal Consumption Expenditure (PCE), remains stubbornly high, well above the stated target rate of 2.0%.  


“The Current State of the US Economy” Part II by Ed Seifried

Another major issue is the threat of a recession.  While the Fed is currently forecasting slow growth, but no recession, other forecasts are not as positive.  For example, the yield curve has been steeply inverted for months, and if historical relationship holds true in this cycle, the yield curve inversion indicates a relatively high probability of a recession in the next twelve months.  All of these factors should be on the radar of every CU Executive.  Dr. Ed looks forward to discussion and questions time as well.


Sunday, July 9

“How to Attract the Next Generation of Members: Gen Z & Millennials” by Gautam Ajjarapu

Generation Z and millennials are the future of banking. Over the past decade, neobanks (banking apps) have been able master the marketing and product development necessary to capture this audience. In this session, we'll pull back the curtain about what makes them successful and talk about some strategies your Credit Union can use to capture the next generation of members.


“A.I. Augmented Employees” by David Tuyo

Financial Institutions have been leveraging a digital workforce for members and now many are using a similar approach to support their team members.  A new level of efficiency is being defined as even the newest employee can operate with 100% accuracy eliminating rework while simultaneously providing an unparalleled member experience.  Many times a tradeoff has to be made between speed and quality, that tradeoff has been eliminated with AI Augmented Employees.


Monday, July 10


“Credit Union Cybersecurity Best Practices That Can Deter The Worst Cyberthreats” by John Stream

Businesses and governments worldwide face broader and larger scope cyber and fraud threats every day. Credit unions seeking comprehensive cyber-insurance policies are not immune. Threats come from outside and inside organizations. From the U.S. and other nations. From individuals and groups. The threat is real and growing, but it’s not hopeless. Building a strong cybersecurity foundation can put your credit union ahead of about 95 percent of U.S. businesses. In this session, John will cover, at a business rather than tech level, best practices credit unions must adopt to prevent, identify, and recover from today’s cyberthreats. He’ll also share some of the newest cyber tricks fraudsters are trying, such as multifactor authentication fatigue, and ways a strong cybersecurity foundation can deter them. The session will include some hands-on exercises to evaluate your credit union’s cyber readiness that will give you actionable next steps to take home. If your credit union is 100 percent cyber-proof, schedule your scuba diving outing. If not, I look forward to seeing you there. 

"Cultivating Resilience: Empowering Credit Union Board Members and Management in Risk Management and Governance" by Ancin R. Cooley

In today's complex and rapidly changing financial landscape, credit unions face many challenges that require strong risk management and effective governance practices. From liquidity risk to comprehensive succession planning in this entertaining and insightful session, Ancin Cooley with Synergy Credit Union Consulting will provide practical strategies centered around “sustainable risk acceptance” and “execution-based strategy development.” 


Tuesday, July 11


“Gains of Efficiency - Pace is Everything” by Stacie Vandenberghe

The ability to identify changes in our industry and creating the changes as quickly as possible has never been such a priority. The pace of our industry is going a million miles a minute and that won’t change. How you adapt and get to your destination quicker makes the difference between credit unions that are successful and credit unions just getting by bare minimum.


“Becoming the Change Agent for Your Credit Union” by Stacie Vandenberghe

Never has there been a time in our industry when every single person from the Board to the front lines has had the ability to have such a great impact on the success of their credit union. This session will help examine our changing industry, what it takes to adapt quickly and redefine the way we serve while making the digital shift necessary to thrive in our industry. From the Board to the front lines, we need to embrace adaptability, accountability, consistency and efficiency. Join Stacie for her session to help lead your organization as a change agent. 

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