Sunday Session I: "NCUA Update" by NCUA Representative

An update directly from National Credit Union Administration. As this session is designed to give our members current, timely information directly from NCUA, the specific topics are left open until just before the conference. This gives the NCUA Representative an opportunity to compile the most beneficial information for our attendees and their specific area or type of credit union.    

Sunday Session II: "Data Driven Strategies for Growth” by Bernard G. McLaughlin and Tom Long


The currency of business today is member and market intelligence. Enriching data creates sustained advantages and provides a gateway to balance sheet and earnings expansion. This session will illustrate how to leverage data to identify and capture incremental opportunities, how to increase membership and create stronger and more enduring relationships, and how other organizations have put insights into action to build advantage. This collaborative presentation by Bernard G. McLaughlin, CEO of "Point Breeze Credit Union" and Tom Long with "The Long Group” will share the transformational benefits of connecting physical and digital addresses to lift your credit union’s growth trajectory. 

Monday Session I: "The Road Ahead: An Economic Outlook" by Cristian deRitis


The economy has once again taken center stage given all of the events of the first quarter: the rise of COVID-19, the decline in interest rates, the collapse in oil prices, the stock market correction, and – oh by the way – the presidential election.  In this lively session, we’ll put all of the pieces together as we consider the future path of the global economy along with its implications for US consumers, businesses and credit unions.  We’ll highlight both the upside and downside risks as we identify strategies for coping with a challenging economic environment at both a personal and institutional level.

Monday Session II: "The Credit Union of the Future" by Cristian deRitis

Though resilient, the credit union industry faces significant challenges ranging from the current economic environment to tectonic shifts in the financial services industry.  In this session, we will identify the key challenges facing credit unions including increased competition from banks and alternative “fintech” lenders, shifting consumer preferences for unsecured personal loans over credit cards, changes in regulations and accounting standards such as CECL, and shifting demographics.  Utilizing a collaborative, roundtable format we will not only explore the challenges but identify ways to better serve CU members’ evolving needs.

Tuesday Session I: "The Credit Union of 2020 and Beyond” by Paula Tompkins

In today’s constantly changing world, credit union executives face an increasingly challenging landscape. They must always be attentive keepers of their members money while at the same time making important strategic decisions to modernize their credit unions to drive growth. Perhaps no other member of the executive team faces more pressure than the Chief Executive Officer.  Financial executives think their work is going to change dramatically over the next five years because of new digital business trends.  At the heart of the financial trends in 2020 is rising customer expectations. Financial services executives think this is the year for a full-scale digital transformation.        

Today’s low rates puts even more pressure on the membership service experience, where credit unions have a distinct opportunity to differentiate themselves from the competition. The days where members are willing to stand in line for banking services are long gone. Credit unions must zero in on the needs of the member in every single meeting and transaction, and because credit unions are member-owned, they often boast a more personalized service than big banks. But the truth is, according to a recent study credit unions lose approximately 20-25% of new customers within the first year.


Topics to be Included:

  • Digital Transformation – Chief Experience Officer

  • Online CU’s/Branch Elimination - Branch Optimization and Digital Localization

  • Balancing/Operating & Member Services - OmniChannel

  • Cyber Security - The Member digital Experience


Tuesday Session II: "A New Seat at the Executive Table” by Paula Tompkins

Increasingly, Credit Union CEOs are turning to a newly created executive role, the Chief Experience Officer, to help them accelerate digital transformation, while maintaining the focus on the all-Important member experience as they navigate the change.  And these newly created roles are having some very early success.  Increasingly, Credit Union CEOs are turning to a newly created executive role, the Chief Experience Officer, to help them accelerate digital transformation, while maintaining the focus on the all-Important member experience as they navigate the change.  And these newly created roles are having some very early success.

These changes are having a positive impact as credit unions enter 2020 with a higher profile than ever before, and despite continued consolidation, membership is at its highest level ever. For example, 81% of Americans own smartphones – illustrating that members want their financial transactions to be as sophisticated as other interactions in their lives.   Digital technology and dynamic communication platforms instantaneous deliver relevant content – and increase the opportunities for credit unions themselves.  

Wednesday Session I: "Credit Union Hot Topics" by Stephen Schiltz


The credit union landscape changes every year through new rules, regulations, accounting standards, and the economic environment. This session will provide key insight into regulator priorities, market trends, and other hot topics impacting credit unions in 2020 and beyond.

Wednesday Session II: "Fraud Detection & Prevention" by Stephen Schiltz


Unfortunately, fraud has become commonplace in our society and the credit union industry. This session covers recent fraud statistics, how fraud is considered as part of a financial statement audit, the dangers and methods of social engineering, and fraud detection and prevention tips.



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