Session I:  "Strategic Restart: "How Your Credit Union Can Win in an Ever-Changing World" By Jeff Rendel

As the financial services state of affairs continues to be shaped by outside factors, credit unions must rethink their organizational structure, the way they deliver services, the products they offer, their relationship with members, and their role in the communities they serve. Learn about cutting-edge trends, shifting market sectors, the new workplace environment, increased use of innovative technologies, and a sustainable business model that increases the member-based and enterprise value of your credit union.


Session II: "Lending in the COVID Economy: New and Next Ideas to Grow Loans, Yield, and Share of Wallet." By Jeff Rendel

How did two dozen unique credit unions increase their loan portfolios, expand margins, and book more business as COVID-19 affected the financial services industry? How did they expand lending, manage pipelines, and increase members’ financial and relationship value? These next practices from credit unions nationwide provide functioning ideas that you can implement right away, allowing your credit union to continue moving forward for members.



Session I: "The New Retail Experience: How does Sales Fit In?" By Jessica Vartanian

Nearly two decades later and the great debate on branch banking is still going. From the influx of Fintech and digital-only industry disruptors, to the recent impacts of a “Socially Distant” world. What does the future of credit union lending really look like, and how exactly does traditional brick and mortar fit in? This session will focus on the future of credit union lending best practices and how this impacts your branch strategies. 


In this session, Jessica Vartanian will cover the following topics:

  • Recent insights of branch banking in a Pandemic and Post-Pandemic world

  • Lending disruptors

  • The role of the branch in lending

  • Creating a seamless remote lending experience

  • Organizational design that maximizes ROA 

Session II: "Understanding the Demands of your Millennial and Centennial Borrowers" By Jessica Vartanian

Millennials and Centennials currently account for over a third of the world’s workforce. Navigating both the demands and delivery requirements of these individuals is critical to long term sustainability. Ensuring that your lending processes align with these demands is more important than ever. 


In this session, Jessica Vartanian will cover the following topics:

  • Expectations of the Millennial and Centennial Borrower

  • The Student Loan Debt Crisis

  • Fintech and current lending disruptors

  • How to gain more wallet-share from young borrowers

  • Underwriting to the emerging young-adult market




Session I: "Economic Update I" By Dr. Eisenberg
Attend this entertaining and informative presentation on the economy and learn from Dr. Eisenberg how all four parts of GDP including households, corporations, governments spending and net exports are likely to perform in CY2021 in light of Sars-Cov-2. Also, learn what shape the economic recovery will look like, how robust it will be, how inflation is likely to behave and what the Fed is likely to do with short-term interest rates and how long-term rates are likely to perform. Elliot will also look at net interest margins, ROA, the shape of the yield curve, loan loss reserves and bank profitability. Time will also be devoted to carefully examining, energy markets, and labor markets and how they are performing given the shock of the novel coronavirus. Dr. Eisenberg will also look at auto sales, consumer sentiment, small business sentiment and the rest of the macro economy including international trade and tariffs. Attention will also be devoted to examining default rates across major household assets classes including auto loans, home mortgages, and credit cards. 

Session II: "Economic Update II" By Eisenberg
This session will focus on all classes of real estate including retail, office, industrial, commercial, and agricultural but with particular attention being devoted to the residential housing including multifamily but specifically the single-family residential housing market. Attention will be devoted to explaining the many problems it faces including high prices, a profound lack of inventory, high input costs and numerous regulatory barriers which are resulting in systematically raising prices for new and existing housing despite massive construction activity which is being brought on by demographic changes. Throughout the presentation, special attention will be devoted to the impacts of Covid-19. This session will also carefully discuss the likely path of housing starts, housing sales, home prices, mortgage applications and mortgage refinancing activity through CY2021. This session will end by briefly comparing economic conditions across all 50 states. 




Session I: "Financial Crime Prevention & Detection" by Kevin Eack

With so many threats confronting financial institutions today, it can be overwhelming. This block of instruction will cover the most significant threats that confront your institution, including the best practices


Session II: “Financial Crime Response" by Kevin Eack

In this second session, Kevin will walk you through lessons on how to combat the threats covered in the first session.



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