Sunday Session I: "NCUA Update" by NCUA Representative

An update directly from National Credit Union Administration. As this session is designed to give our members current, timely information directly from NCUA, the specific topics are left open until just before the conference. This gives the NCUA Representative an opportunity to compile the most beneficial information for our attendees and their specific area or type of credit union.

Monday Session I: Speaker TBD
More information will be posted soon about this session.


Monday Session II: Speaker TBD

More information will be posted soon about this session.

Tuesday Session I: "Maserati Misery" by Frank Drake

A pattern of disastrous losses among CUs has emerged in the last few years. Well meaning lenders are being made victim of their own eagerness by frauds who offer phantom security interests in non-existent exotic cars, in exchange for high-dollar loans. A defrauded CU is a dreadful sight. Listen and learn from the folly of others.”



Tuesday Session II: "Third Party Vendor Compliance Verification" by Frank Drake

The purpose of this outline is to provide federally-insured credit unions with an overview of loan participation, guidance on how to craft an effective loan participation policy; proper due diligence practices, a review of legal covcerns of loan participation agreements and how to keep risks in check.



Wednesday Session I: “'Bank' Differently—The Power of Differentiation in Commodity Markets" by Matt Purvis

American consumers are hard-pressed to distinguish credit unions from banks. The powerful differences between these two business models remain hidden behind common products, services and processes.  It’s time to play the game by your own rules.

Matt will cover five simple steps will differentiate your credit union, shift it away from commodity-based competitors and build a true experience culture.


Wednesday Session I: "Everyone Hates Annual Evaluations—And for good reason. It’s Time to Develop Talent by Matt Purvis

More information will be posted soon about this session.



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