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Dr. Ed Potter

It is with great sadness that we share Dr. Ed Potter, Director with Downey Federal Credit union in Downey, CA passed away on January 11, 2021. There are many stories to be told. Our 2021 NCUMA Hawaii Conference will be dedicated to his memory. 

People first!  At NCUMA, the joy of hosting conference comes most specifically from seeing our loyal members at conferences each year.   If you have ever attended our Summer Conference or our Hawaii Conference, you have probably met Dr. Ed Potter from Downey Federal Credit Union.  The Downey FCU team actively seeks front row seating at each conference, and is fully engaged in sessions each year.   Ed always had follow up questions for our speakers and kept the energy up in the room at all times.  


When notified about Ed’s passing, frequent NCUMA Economic speaker, Elliot Eisenberg said, “I kid you not when I say this, but to me Ed Potter was and is Downey FCU!  I will miss him and think of him at every one of your conferences!  I am shaken and saddened.  He was always so gracious and enthusiastic and had a smile on his face.  A huge loss.”


Downey Federal Credit Union Board of Directors & Supervisory Committee Members with Elliot Eisenberg, The Bowtie Economist

Dr. Ed’s 32-year career at Downey included being on the board since 1999, but his most notable accomplishment included never meeting a stranger.  He was the light in any room.  He articulated ideas and thoughts in a manner which made those around him take note.


Stan Hanstad Board of Directors with Downey FCU said, “One of the last conversations I had with Ed while in the hospital prior to his passing was about our future NCUMA Maui Conference.”  Ed said, "He cherished every memory of his trips to NCUMA Conferences and he loved the Maui conference the BEST”! He also said, "He loved his NCUMA Family!"


NCUMA President & CEO, Kathy Anchors- Budd said, “To know Ed, was to love Ed!”  There are so many stories, and memories the NCUMA organization has about this great man.  To honor his memory, we will be dedicating our 2021 Hawaii Conference to Dr. Potter.   The Grand Wailea, Maui was his favorite location.  While he will not be there, we will be thinking of his memory and his family.  


Dr. Potter’s Favorite View at The Grand Wailea Resort, Maui Hawaii.


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