Updated Meeting Procedures

for COVID-19 Preparations

But what about the Elephant in the room?


  • NCUMA knows attendee comfort is critical.  We must provide an environment where attendees from all different comfort levels feel safe meeting in an “in person” environment.  In 2020, NCUMA successfully developed our “COVID19 ‘Live’ Event Plan”.    If you attended a live event with us in 2020, you already know it was a huge success.  Feedback from attendees was overwhelmingly positive!  


  • We are optimistic that in 2021, we will see vast improvements with the containment of the virus.  Rest assured as a conference attendee, we will be following recommended guidelines, update procedures when needed, and commit to delivering you the best conference experience possible.   


  • With that said, here are just some of our procedures that made us so successful in 2020:


The Bands:

  • We provide each attendee a color-coded wrist band of their own choosing. The band YOU as an attendee choose signals to all of the other attendees how you have chosen to socialize during the conference. Your band color correlates with the table you sit during social functions as well. (Red has a small private table, purple sits with purple, Green sits with green.) 


  • See what each band symbolizes below for reference:


  • Red Band: No social interaction.   Red Band attendees have their own personal small table for meal functions as well.

  • Blue Band: Ok with interacting socially.  Blue Band attendees sit with other guests, but chairs are spread further out.

  • Green Band: This band is for those that are not concerned with social distancing.


  • As the year evolves, we may add another color band for those that want other people to know they have been vaccinated.  This may give them and others additional comfort with social interaction.  We are always improving processes and looking for new ways to make our live events a success. 



  • In order to feel confident in attending our conferences, you have to know conference organizers will be preparing a clear path for your entire conference experiences.  NCUMA clearly communicates with attendees prior to the conference, and during the conference to share any changes to procedures or information we feel would be key to your success at the event.



  • Word of year for us in 2020…. Pivot!  We know to be a success in 2021, we might all need to be a bit more flexible again.  We all hope COVID19 will become less of an elephant in the room.  Regardless, we are ready!   


  • You’ve watched us succeed in 2020 with live events, join us again in 2021!  


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