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(Friday and Saturday’s sessions require that you register for the Pre-Conference in addition to the General Conference)


Friday, November 3

Roundtable Discussion - "Cutting the Strategic Pie to Gain Focus” by Patrick Adams

This is your chance to share your thoughts about what is going on in the world of credit unions, and what matters most.  Facilitator, Patrick Adams, will lead an open roundtable discussion on what is needed to ensure your credit union's long-term success.  The rate of change has accelerated dramatically in recent times.  As this is written, AI is dominating conversation, and the banking industry strength and viability is in question.  How will credit unions stay relevant through all of the change? What lessons were learned from the pandemic?  Focusing on the "Strategic Pie" is essential to ensuring decisions are made to effectively grow your credit union.  How will we remain competitive in this "Mach VI with your hair on fire" environment consumers have come to expect?

We look forward to seeing you at this roundtable to hear from your peers and Patrick Adams on how credit unions are not just surviving, but thriving in these uncertain times.

Saturday, November 4


"Steady Hands & Focused Precision” by Patrick Adams

Times could be called "crazy.”  Whatever the temperature of the times, your focus as a credit union executive should remain on long-term growth.  So many issues remain paramount to our success including investment in big data and digital innovation.  Is it always necessary to be disciplined in containing costs, and controlling capital spending?  The wrong moves result in legacy costs in branching, labor, and antiquated data processing.  Expensive mistakes loom large without making the right moves.  Purpose-driven corporate cultures, values-driven transparent communication, social responsibility achieving optimum member experience/engagement, and effectively managing risk and fill your plate.  Multiple constituencies are watching closely.  Time to get busy.

"Behind the Headlines: Navigating Student Loan Debt for Credit Union Member” by Bill Ayers

Few financial topics have gotten as much attention over the past three years than student loans. After a lengthy pause, Federal student loan payments resumed in October, so what better time then now to discuss the challenges facing the sizable population of student loan borrowers. This population goes well beyond students currently attending college and includes every generation including Boomers! 

With an emphasis on private funding options and consumer credit management, this session will provide a summary of services credit unions can offer their members. 

As the burden of student loan debt continues to grow, equipping your members with the knowledge and skills to effectively manage their finances is essential for their long-term financial well-being. 

This session will cover: 

  • update on recent student loan news, announcements, and considerations for your credit union members. 

  • review of national higher education trends 

  • the results of an analysis of credit unions borrowers with student loan debt. 

  • how your members obtain the financing they need, discuss the best time for members to refinance existing loans, and most importantly, tools to manage their credit. 


Sunday, November 5

“NCUA Update” by Frank Kressman

An update directly from National Credit Union Administration. As this session is designed to give our members current, timely information directly from NCUA, the specific topics are left open until just before the conference. This gives the NCUA Representative an opportunity to compile the most beneficial information for our attendees and their specific area or type of credit union.


“Health and Wealth: The Financial Crisis Hiding in Plain Sight” by Gigi Hyland

Financial well-being is deeply connected to all other aspects of our life: education, housing, transportation, and health, to name a few. Little research into the financial crisis of cancer has addressed the role financial institutions like credit unions can play. That’s where the National Credit Union Foundation’s Side Effects™ Project comes in. Foundation Executive Director, Gigi Hyland, will take you on a journey to help you understand the link between health and finances, explored through the lens of a cancer diagnosis. She’ll provide tangible examples of how credit unions are committing, assessing, planning, and acting to improve the financial well-being of all their employees and members. She’ll discuss this national initiative that is driving credit unions’ strategies and advocacy efforts and give you tangible tools and ideas to take action.


“Humanizing the Digital Experience” by Steve Langley

"We all know that the financial services industry is being transformed by digital. We also know that innovations in technology are empowering Credit Unions to deliver a more personalized, engaging, and intuitive member service. Members want speed, convenience, and efficiency - but also a personal touch. Digital Member Service is a credit union’s collective effort to engage members through digital means. It may start with your Credit Union’s website and will also include delivering support through other digital capabilities. The notion of “humanizing” digital experiences is taking off fast and will quickly become a fundamental part of the future Credit Union business model. Steve will provide an informative and engaging session to describe the opportunities and challenges facing Credit Unions in this vital area."


Monday, November 6

"Economic Update Part I" by Elliot Eisenberg

Attend this entertaining and informative presentation on the economy and learn from Dr. Eisenberg how all GDP including households, corporations, government spending and net exports are likely to perform over the next 12 months given substantial contractionary monetary policy and now contractionary fiscal policy. Learn how different sectors of the economy are performing and likely to perform, with particular attention devoted to supply-chains and inflation, and as a result what the Fed is likely to do with short-term interest rates, and how long-term rates are likely to behave as a result. Elliot will then turn his attention to net interest margins, ROA, the shape of the yield curve, loan loss reserves, default rates on auto loans, credit cards, home mortgages, lending activity, and bank profitability. Time will also be devoted to carefully examining the all-important labor market and why it has been unexpectedly resilient . Dr. Eisenberg will also look at auto sales, consumer sentiment, small business sentiment, CEO sentiment, and the rest of the macro economy.

 "Economic Update Part II" by Elliot Eisenberg
This session will focus on real estate including retail, office, industrial, commercial, lodging, and agricultural but with particular attention being devoted to residential real estate including multifamily but specifically the single-family residential housing market. Attention will be devoted to explaining the many problems the residential housing market is contending with including high prices, a profound lack of inventory, high input costs and the many regulatory barriers which continually push up prices for new and existing housing. Elliot will also discuss why builders are unable to build sufficient new units to satisfy growing demand brought on by demographic changes and the now waning Work From Home phenomenon. This session will also carefully discuss the likely path of housing starts, housing sales, home prices, and mortgage applications including rate & term , cash-out, and ARMs. This session will end by briefly comparing economic conditions across all 50 states. Dr. Eisenberg then looks forward to taking questions from the audience.

CEO Lunch & Learn:  CEO'S only (this event sponsored by PARC Street Partners)

What's Next...A CEO's Greatest Responsibility” by Patrick Adams

CEO discussion and the exchange of ideas among one another is invaluable.  Facilitator, Patrick Adams, will join you and your peers in an open roundtable discussion on what is needed to be successful.  We'll discuss whatever topics might be on the mind of those in attendance.  What is to be done to be successful in gaining market share?  What's it take to be a premiere employer?  How do we provide the balance between serving members and pleasing regulators?  What is it that top performing credit unions do differently to succeed in growing the business?   The topics are endless, and great leaders have the uncanny ability to take the pressing issues of our times and cohesively synthesize them into what provides for understanding and success.  Let's have that kind of conversation over our time together.  

Tuesday, November 7

“The Member Experience Advantage” by David Avrin

— Aligning your member engagement strategies with a new generation of wants, needs and expectations.

Your members have changed. How they connect, decide, communicate, engage and even complain, has changed. So, how do we future-proof our business model and become the preferable choice in a sea of competitors? In this revealing, thought-provoking and very entertaining presentation, popular customer experience expert David Avrin, CSP, shines a light on the profound shift in wants and expectation, while showing your team everyone’s role in eliminating friction, responding to members and prospects, and creating member experiences worth sharing.


Participants of this session will:

Better understand the cause and pervasiveness of the shift in member demands and expectations.
Recognize the profound difference between customer service and member experience, and why that matters.
Understand a day-in-the-life of their member and create alignment between their needs and our deliverables.
Learn powerful new behavior drivers that define a new generation of members. 


"Zoom Out to Zoom In: Embracing Web3, NFTs and Open Banking to Connect with Your Customers" by Pamela Norton

As credit union executives, you are always looking for ways to better connect with your customers and provide them with the services they need. However, the emergence of Web3, cryptocurrencies such as NFTs and open banking tools has created a new world of possibilities that can be both exciting and overwhelming. In this keynote presentation, Pamela will walk you through her journey of connecting the dots and envisioning a world where we all have secure wallets built for a new internet designed with trust, transparency, and security.


            • The Power of Zooming Out: Pamela will describe how she zoomed out to see the bigger picture and identified the emerging trends of Web3, crypto and open banking in 2014. She will explain how this helped her to discover new tools and technology to help her be intentional about what she was looking to achieve and developed a patent for this new world she envisioned.

            • Non-Technical Ways to Identify Opportunities: Pamela will talk through non-technical ways to identify what you are looking for and how to unpack the complexity of emerging technology into tangible options. This will help you plan and strategize for the future.

            • Guardrails for Deployment: Pamela will discuss the guardrails that we need to ensure are in place as we deploy new wallets and conversational AI services that ensure privacy protection for your newest digital low touch customers to those who still want in-person connections and service.

            • Connecting the Dots: Pamela will provide an overview of what different financial companies and domains are doing with blockchain, AI, digital wallets, NFTs, and other emerging technologies. This will help you to "connect the dots" and lead you to zoom into your customers naturally and authentically.

            • Takeaways: Finally, Pamela will summarize the key takeaways from her presentation, including the importance of understanding and identifying the emerging trends of Web3, crypto wallets and open banking, learning about new tools and technology to help you achieve your goals, thinking outside the realm of what is currently possible, and removing the stigma and buzzwords associated with emerging technology. 

Overall, the presentation will provide credit union executives with the insights they need to embrace Web3 and connect with their members in new and exciting ways.


Wednesday, November 8

“Bridging the Digital Divide: How to Meet the Needs of Gen Z and Millennials”  by Gautam Ajjarapu

The next generation of consumers, Generation Z and millennials, have unique and unprecedented digital needs that most Credit Unions have difficulty meeting. Over the past decade, neobanks (banking apps) have been able deploy the technology necessary to capture this audience. In this session, we'll pull back the curtain about what makes neobanks successful and talk about some strategies and technologies your Credit Union can use to capture the next generation of members.

“Financial Institutions- The First Responders of Identity Crimes” by Anne Madrid

All our personal information is already out there in the hands of a bad person. It’s just a matter of time until they use it. Protect yourself and your members BEFORE they become the victim of identity crimes.


Two-thirds of fraud victims consider leaving the financial institution where the fraud occurred. (Javelin Strategy and Research 2023) The response and education your member receives when they report the fraud could mean the difference in member retention, future losses, and helping the victim prevent future identity theft and fraud. 


  • Identity theft and fraud- Protecting your member’s good name.

  • Prevention. Stop it before it starts!

  • Victim impact.

  • Breaking through the roadblocks to recovery.

  • How to turn a fraud report into a positive member experience. It shouldn’t just be a “Regulation E” response.


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