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Business Conference



NCUMA Hawaii PRE-Conference Sessions: 

(Friday and Saturday’s sessions require that you register for the Pre-Conference in addition to the General Conference)


Friday, November 11


Roundtable Discussion - "Winning Tactics in Uncertain Times” by Don Arkell 

Facilitator, Don Arkell, will lead an open roundtable discussion on the winning tactics of top performing credit unions in a Post-Pandemic World.  The rate of change has accelerated dramatically over the past 2 years.  How will credit unions stay relevant in an increasingly digital world? What is the future of brick and mortar? What lessons were learned from the pandemic?  30% of employees in the U.S. are remote workers, how does that influence your decisions and demand for automobiles and real estate in the future?  Lending is the life-blood of your organization, how will we remain competitive in this “Contactless” environment consumers have come to expect?

We look forward to seeing you at this roundtable to hear from your peers and Don Arkell on how credit unions are not just surviving, but thriving in these uncertain times.


Saturday, November 12

Session:"The Lending Model that Maximizes ROA" by Don Arkell

The vast majority of credit unions were not “Born Digital”.  With one foot in the past and one in the future, many credit unions struggle with attracting and growing direct loans.  Learn how the most successful credit unions are maximizing remote delivery to increase sales.  “Convenience” has been redefined. This thought provoking session will challenge management about how they currently deliver lending today and how they need to deliver in the future. 


  • How to organize your loan department for maximum success

  • Lower your Expense Ratio while increasing your Loan Volume

  • How to motivate employees to achieve better results

  • Which loan delivery channel you should be using exclusively

  • Credit union success stories using these strategies

  • Learn how to maximize efficiency and consistency


NCUMA Hawaii General Conference Sessions:


Sunday, November 13


Session I: "NCUA Update" by Frank Kressman​

An update directly from National Credit Union Administration. As this session is designed to give our members current, timely information directly from NCUA, the specific topics are left open until just before the conference. This gives the NCUA Representative an opportunity to compile the most beneficial information for our attendees and their specific area or type of credit union.

Session II: "The Digital Dilemma: How to Keep People Helping People in a Tech-Focused World" by David Tuyo

Insights on how leveraging artificial intelligence, robotic process automation, machine learning and non-traditional technology partners can enhance the experience for your member owners. 

Session III: "A.I. Panel Discussion"  moderated by Michael Lawson with Panelist: David Tuyo, Gordon Howe, & Don Arkell

Cryptocurrency, The Metaverse, A.I., Future CU Banking solutions - What is on the horizon?  So many topics, so little time!  Join us for a fast paced CU Panel Discussion lead by Michael Lawson.  We will try to hit as many as we can so you can use them as a launching pad to discuss as you network with other credit unions during the week.



Monday, November 14

Session I: "How to Leverage Tech to Achieve Economic Scale" by Tim Neiman and Mike Robins

While credit union consolidation has held steady at 3.5% per year for the past 40 years, the average asset size of credit unions continues to grow, with more organizations over the $1B threshold than ever before.  Increasing cyber security threats and NCUA compliance compel credit unions to maximize their technology investment or face extinction.  No longer exclusively a cost center, technology actually offers credit unions a massive opportunity to achieve economic scale.  This session will identify 2022’s most important strategic investments and describe how to balance internal tech teams versus external service providers.  For smaller credit unions, the session will recommend ways to achieve tech scale, while also preparing their environments for merger.  For larger credit unions, the session will highlight how to evaluate the right tech elements within an acquisition target

Session II: "Why Are Millennials and Gen Z Gravitating to Big Banks" by Bill Handel

The COVID-19 pandemic has shaken up the credit union industry, but one trend is unchanged. Young consumers are moving to the largest banks in record numbers. Why are they choosing a big bank as their primary financial institution, and what can credit unions do to reverse the trend?  Join us as we share highlights from Raddon Research, offer case studies and give strategic recommendations.


Session III:  "Strategic Considerations for Growth Minded Credit Unions: The 'Coming of Age Moment' for Capital to Support Growth, Merger and Acquisitions" by Peter Duffy

“Economy of scale” is playing an outsized role in determining success- what does that look like and where is it headed?

This session is tabbed by many boards to be part of their strategic planning conferences as it delves, with specific research, into the factors effecting growth, earnings, capital and member value sustainability. Takes a fresh perspective in identifying the competitive, regulatory, consumer and fintech impact on a credit union’s ability to grow while maintaining a semblance of profitability.

With the recent adoption of Risked Based Capital and the ability of credit unions to issue secondary capital, CSuites and Boards now have the potential to more flexibly and strategically plan growth by the way capital is managed.

The session also discusses the myth that it’s “ok” to be not for profit by linking the ability to generate profit directly to membership value and membership growth.

The session uses “rarely before seen” research that helps enhance key conclusions and leads to various strategic considerations that every c-suite and board should discuss and debate.

CEO only Lunch & Learn: Optional Session for CEO's $45 

“Finding and Securing the Future for your Credit Union” by Peter Duffy 

Finding and securing the future for their Credit Unions is one of the pivotal roles of any CEO. The challenge for Credit Union leaders is to understand the primary drivers of change that will continue to redefine the future, and determine how to make certain they have the right strategies and tactics not only to survive but also to thrive. In this session, Peter will engage with Credit Union CEOs to review the drivers of change and their implications for Credit Unions in a world that is fast becoming digital. CEOs will discuss ideas on how Credits Unions can find and secure the future in the face of new business models, new competitors, new technologies and new members. 


Tuesday, November 15


Session I: "Due Diligence & Best Practices for SERPs" by Tammy O'Hara

SERPs (Supplemental Executive Retirement Plan) continue to gain importance in recruiting, retaining and rewarding key executives. This mini session will provide you with some insight on the items your credit union needs to consider when reviewing options.  With proper planning and the right partner, it doesn’t have to be a difficult process.

Session II: "The Economy in 2023: Take a Hike" by Elliot Eisenberg

Attend this entertaining and informative presentation on the economy and learn from Dr. Eisenberg how all GDP including households, corporations, government spending and net exports are likely to perform over the next 12 months given the onset of contractionary fiscal and monetary policy. Learn how different sectors of the economy are performing and likely to perform, with particular attention devoted to supply-chains and inflation, and as a result what the Fed is likely to do with short-term interest rates, and how long-term rates are likely to behave as a result.  Elliot will then turn his attention to net interest margins, ROA, the shape of the yield curve, loan loss reserves, default rates on auto loans, credit cards, home mortgages, and bank profitability. Time will also be devoted to carefully examining, energy and agricultural markets, and all-important labor markets and why they in particular are recovering more slowly than expected. Dr. Eisenberg will also look at auto sales, consumer sentiment, small business sentiment, and the rest of the macro economy including international trade.

Session III: "Real Estate: It's Changed More Than You Think" by Elliot Eisenberg

This session will focus on real estate including retail, office, industrial, commercial, lodging, and agricultural but with particular attention being devoted to residential real estate including multifamily but specifically the single-family residential housing market. Attention will be devoted to explaining the many problems the residential housing market is contending with including high and rapidly rising prices, a profound lack of inventory, rising input costs and the many regulatory barriers which continually push up prices for new and existing housing. Elliot will also discuss why builders are unable to build sufficient new units to satisfy growing demand brought on by demographic changes and the Work From Home phenomenon. Throughout the presentation, attention will be devoted to the ongoing impacts of Covid-19 on housing markets. This session will also carefully discuss the likely path of housing starts, housing sales, home prices, and  all types of mortgage applications including rate & term , cash-out, and ARMs. This session will end by briefly comparing economic conditions across all 50 states. Dr. Eisenberg then looks forward to taking questions from the audience.



Wednesday, November 16


Session I: “Using Emotional Intelligence to Move from Leader to Trusted CU Advisor” by Ed Robinson 

Are your business strategies driving change and member satisfaction? This powerful, interactive program provides influencing skills to design a structured process for developing long-term, mutually beneficial relationships in addition to learning strategies for becoming a true trusted advisor within your organi­zation. 


Ed combines dynamite concepts of Emotional intelligence strategies with a management model that creates a machine for effective and proactive culture within your credit union. You will walk away with over a dozen skills, processes, and tools to grow your organization, business and influence.


Content Focus: 

  • 7 competences of effective Managers

  • Critical component of a Trusted Advisor

  • Differentiation between Managing, Coaching, Mentoring and leading

  • 5 Currencies to leverage your influence

  • Understanding the critical awareness of Emotional intelligence plays in the workforce


Learning Objectives:

  • Establish goals & action plans of true leaders

  • Design & discover your impact of talent working in the office as well as virtual work flow 

  • Learn how to build stronger leaders and trusted advisors to maintain talent

  • Develop strong relationship building skills.


Session II: "Mastering the Art of Problem Solving with a 5 Step PREDI process for CU Executive Leadership" by Ed Robinson

Learning Objectives:

  • Use a 5 step PREDI program to solve problems as a team or individually

  • Learn how to utilize a variety of problem Solving Tools

    • Brainstorming

    •  Force Field Analysis

    • Why-Why diagram

    • Mind mapping

    • Decision Matrix

    • SMART Solutions Spreadsheets

  • Make clear and convincing oral presentations to individuals or groups

    • Listen effectively and clarify information as needed

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