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Business Conference


Sunday, September 4

Session I: "NCUA Update" by Justin Anderson

An update directly from National Credit Union Administration. As this session is designed to give our members current, timely information directly from NCUA, the specific topics are left open until just before the conference. This gives the NCUA Representative an opportunity to compile the most beneficial information for our attendees and their specific area or type of credit union.

Session II: "Rates & Rules Affecting SERPs” by Bruce Smith

Bruce will share how new life insurance rules as well as the current interest rate fluctuations are impacting supplemental retirement plans and what credit unions can do to manage plans during these changes.


Session III: "How to “Pass” the NCUA Tech Audit (Without Losing Your Mind!)" by Tim Neiman and Mike Robins

For many credit unions, preparing for the NCUA audit conjures images of stressful Supervisory Committee meetings, adversarial debates with your technology team, and frustrating conversations regarding a lack of progress on last year’s deficiencies.  It doesn’t have to be that way.  This session will recommend a practical, proactive approach to your annual audit.  It will help you prioritize audit findings, budget proactively based on reasonable project scopes, and demonstrate to auditors that you are making consistent progress with internal controls.  Finally, it will empower you not only to “pass” the NCUA test, but more importantly, protect your members’ assets from cyber threats and internal/external fraud.


Monday, September 5


Session I: “The Fed’s Historic Policy Pivot from Unemployment to Inflation- What Does it Mean for the US Economy in 2022? Part I” by Dr. Ed Seifried

We are into the third year of the Covid Pandemic, and it is now clear the fiscal and monetary stimuli applied to defeat the economic downturn caused by the virus was way too strong.  In late 2021, the Fed announced a major policy pivot away from fighting the high unemployment caused by the Covid recession to combating the highest inflation this nation has experience in decades. Can the Fed combat current inflation without weakening the economy so much as to cause another recession? 


Session II: “The Fed’s Historic Policy Pivot from Unemployment to Inflation- What Does it Mean for the US Economy in 2022? Part II” by Dr. Ed Seifried

 Dr Ed will discuss all of the monetary policy weapons that the Fed will deploy to fight this inflation monster.  Higher policy rates and changes in the Fed’s balance sheet will work to slow inflation but will also create new forces that may impact the economy in unforeseen ways.  He will also dive into current economic factors related to the financial services industry and take questions. 



Tuesday, September 6


Session I: “Digital Strategy Imperatives that Credit Unions Cannot Ignore” by Mike Homer

Digital transformation is a marathon, not a sprint. Credit unions must continue to invest in digital strategies already proven in the industry and investigate new ones as they disrupt the market.  Fiserv will reveal the digital strategies that credit unions cannot ignore and how they can enhance the everyday member experience.

Session II: "Who's Playing in my Sandbox: Understanding the New Frontier of FinTech Competition for your CU" by Bruce Clapp

Who’s Playing in my Sandbox: Understanding the new Frontier of FinTech Competition for your Credit Union


“Banking” is changing. Competitors are everywhere, and many are from new industries (FinTechs, retailers, investment banks and more!) and locations. How do you protect your

“sandbox” and continue to engage members and the market, identify new growth opportunities, and position yourself against new challengers?


We’ll explore and share key insights and guide you in developing actionable plans to define and defend YOUR sandbox! 

Session III: "Meet and Greet the new Member: How member's Needs Have Evolved and Keeping Pace" by Bruce Clapp

In today’s ever-changing financial services landscape, the member continues to evolve…in their needs, how they interact, the value they seek and even how they want to access information. The challenge is knowing your member’s changing needs, targeting services to meet the need, maintaining relevance, and ensuring we meet our member where their needs are today…and where they are headed.


In this active, engaging session, we’ll track the member evolution and provide actionable insights, tools, and strategies to get ahead of the new member curve.


Wednesday, September 7


Session I: "CEO Performance Evaluations: How Are You/They Really Doing?” by DeeDee Myers 

Even though CEO's have reached the pinnacle of credit union leadership, they still strive to do better; to grow; to succeed. Without honest feedback, a CEO can feel unfulfilled, unchallenged or even become complacent. Genuine and thorough performance evaluations are critical to the continued growth and success of both the CEO and the board.

Developing a CEO performance evaluation takes time but it is time well spent. DDJ Myers has built a framework that utilizes the differing backgrounds and experiences of the board to provide a comprehensive evaluation that points out the good, the bad and the ugly. This honest feedback fuels the CEO’s appetite for improvement and reinforces the credit union’s strategic priorities. As a result, a more well-aligned board and CEO will emerge and a strong foundation for the future will be established. You will leave with an outline of how and why to build and execute a meaningful CEO performance evaluation from the ground up.

Session II: “Succession Planning: Expect the Unexpected” by DeeDee Myers

The shift from an employers market to an employees market and the Great Resignation have changed the dynamics of hiring executives. A treadmill accident, an unfortunate road event, tragic illness, or planned succession are some of the paths for succession events. When a critical employee leaves and woos away peers or direct reports, what is your plan? What happens if your new CEO decides not to show up? Do you have the next generation of leaders ready to step into the role that reports to the board? If not, you may end up with an empty C-suite and management offices—or worse yet, with a poor reputation and under-qualified personnel moving into leadership roles. Regardless of the reason, the board is responsible for developing a strategic succession plan that covers all the bases for each critical role.

Succession planning and employee development is not a “drive-by” event, leaving leadership to chance. Myers provides an evidence-based process for structured and systematic processes and how to manage an emergency event.

Takeaways include a guide for:

●  Role of the Board

●  Role of a committee in succession

●  Role of the CEO

●  Role of the Human Resources Executive

●  Communication strategy

●  Managing internal successors

●  Timeline for due diligence

●  Managing your brand in the process

●  Hidden blind spots

Myers is the most widely published speaker on succession and will share templates and strategies to support your process.

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