Business Conference


Sunday, July 11

Session I: "Government Affairs Update" by John McKechnie

Join veteran DC credit union advocate John McKechnie for a wide-ranging look at how credit unions can successfully navigate an evolving political landscape. Capitol Hill and financial regulators have undergone sweeping changes in recent months that will translate into a reset for all credit unions in terms of both managing our business and our member service priorities. This thought-provoking session will help you make sense of the trends, politics and personalities that shape the way your credit union can manage these changes and thrive, now and into the future.


Session II: “Managing the Next Generation(s) to Success” by Tim Neiman 

Despite their reputation in the press, Millennials and Generation Z represent a historically productive, well-educated and technologically sophisticated workforce.  However, challenges such as employee motivation, professional development and work-life balance operate much differently than previous generations.  This session will describe the differences in how younger generations approach work.  It will offer recommendations to create a productive, inclusive corporate culture with an eye toward succession planning. 



Monday, July 12

Session I: "The Economy: The Fastest Growth in 40 Years!" By Dr. Eliot Eisenberg

Attend this entertaining and informative presentation on the economy and learn from Dr. Eisenberg how all GDP including households, corporations, government spending and net exports are likely to perform over the next 12 months in light of the massive stimulus bills Congress passed. Also, learn how different parts of the economy are recovering, how robust and permanent the recovery will be, and of particular concern how inflation is likely to behave, what the Fed is likely to do with short-term interest rates, and how long-term rates are likely to perform. Elliot will then turn his attention to net interest margins, ROA, the shape of the yield curve, loan loss reserves, default rates on auto loans, credit cards, home mortgages, and bank profitability. Time will also be devoted to carefully examining, energy and agricultural markets, and labor markets and how they are performing in light of the ongoing recovery from the novel coronavirus. Dr. Eisenberg will also look at auto sales, consumer sentiment, small business sentiment and the rest of the macro economy including international trade.    

Session II: "Real Estate:Growing, but Slowly" By Dr. Elliot Eisenberg

This session will focus on real estate including retail, office, industrial, commercial, and agricultural but with particular attention being devoted to the residential real estate including multifamily but specifically the single-family residential housing market. Attention will be devoted to explaining the many problems it faces including high and rapidly rising prices, a profound lack of inventory, rising input costs and many regulatory barriers which continually raise prices for new and existing housing. Elliot will also discuss why builders are unable to build sufficient new units to satisfy growing demand brought on by demographic changes and the new Work From Home phenomenon. Throughout the presentation, attention will be devoted to the residual impacts of Covid-19 on housing markets. This session will also carefully discuss the likely path of housing starts, housing sales, home prices, mortgage applications, mortgage refinancing activity and the forbearance program. This session will end by briefly comparing economic conditions across all 50 states. Dr. Eisenberg then looks forward to taking questions from the audience. 

Tuesday, July 13

Session I: “NCUA Examinations and Your Credit Union Rights as Impacted by COVID” by Andy Keeney

During the pandemic NCUA has continued to exam credit unions, but remotely.  On site examinations may not happen for at least the foreseeable future.  This lack of opportunity for in person debates is compounded by NCUA not granting to credit unions a "Bill of Rights" to challenge, appeal or at least question the findings of an NCUA examiner.  The current NCUA examination process as impacted by COVID will be addressed along with detailed insight as to the rights of credit unions will be detailed.  


Session II: “Not at my Credit Union!” by Andy Keeney

Over the decades where Andy has represented credit unions, he has addressed and resolved hundreds of special situations that might shock some credit unions.  Circumstances that involved the FBI, the State Police, NCUA, Sexual Harassment, adverse tv coverage and embezzlement, just to name a few, are actual credit union situations.  In this program, the top 10 most shocking or severe situations will be addressed, and the lessons learned will be explained so that they might never happen at your credit union.

Wednesday, July 14

Session I: "Seeing the World Through Your Member’s Eyes" by Eric Gagliano
Perception is reality. This session demonstrates how to view your credit union from your member’s perspective.

How is your branch experience?  Do members understand what you are saying?  Are you telling them what they want to hear?

In this session, you will: Be reminded how important our industry is; Learn how to gauge member perception; Learn the 11 Steps to the Perfect Member Experience; Learn how to facilitate more meaningful member communication; Learn about member life stages; Receive ideas for tools and training that you can use immediately in your branches; Learn how NOT to do it from 2 out-of-industry examples; Experience the Disney way to provide an experience


Session II: "Life Stage Workshop" by Eric Gagliano
Your most profitable and loyal members are the ones who turn to your credit union during life’s milestones. Those times when everything is changing. This workshop will define those Life Stages, what needs members have during them and how those needs translate to financial products and services. At the end of this session, you’ll have everything you need to create your own Life Stage sales and marketing plan at your credit union.