Snorkel Requirements


As of October 4, the following restrictions are in place for this event. These restrictions have been put in place by the touring company based on what they have been told by the state of Hawaii. Subject to change. We will continue to update this information as changes occur.

Face Coverings - During Check in and on Bus.  No Face Coverings Required Once Boat is Loaded and Outdoor Event Begins per Boat Captain.

• Activity Company Employees will wear face masks at all times when in public and interacting with guests.

• As per Hawaii State law, all visitors/guests/attendees are required to wear a face mask that covers the mouth and nose. Young children unable to keep their face masks on or guests with a medical condition that prohibits the use of a face mask, will be exempt from the face mask policy.

Hand Sanitizers

• At the Hospitality Desk & Dispatch Desk, client to provide hand sanitizers readily available for all guests throughout the program and we will encourage all guests to use it.

Contact Tracing

• For all Events, Sponsored & Optional Activities / Off Property Events, client will be required to provide guests’ first and last name, email and cell phone number. Minors may use their guardian’s information.

Following CDC and Hawaii State health guidelines, all transportation vehicles will be filled at
50 % capacity for all tours/transfers and group charters. All vehicles will be thoroughly cleaned consistent with the CDC and Hawaii State advisories at the end of every day and cleaned periodically during the day by the drivers.

Boarding Vehicle

  • Prior to vehicle arriving, guests will be asked to social distance at 6 feet as per CDC and Hawaii State guidelines while waiting for vehicle. They should not congregate in large numbers or groups.

  • Driver will load from back to front...and unload front to back.

  • Temperature checks are mandatory prior to boarding. If any person has a temperature of

    100.4 or above, they will not be permitted to ride in the vehicle. Similarly, guests in the

    same party of the person who tested with a high temperature will not be permitted as well.

  • Should a guest show a fever (100.4+ degrees), TMG Hawaii staff will advise the client

    immediately. It is then recommended that the guest go back to their room, self-isolate and

    follow CDC and Hawaii State guidelines. Client will not be refunded for the cost of the ticket.

  • Boarding will be done from rear to front and seat/row assignments will be provided by


  • The first-row seats will not be available for any reason, to protect the driver.

On Board The Bus Vehicle Transporting Guests to the Boat

  • Face masks are mandatory at all times on the vehicle, especially if in close proximity with other guests outside of the vehicle.

  • The same seat on vehicle will be guest's seat throughout the transfer or tour. There is no changing of seats or moving to an unopened seat.

  • "Unused seats are there to follow CDC's 6' guideline of social distancing.

  • "Bottled water, snacks, oshiboris will not be offered at all to observe contactless service Activities

  • "Please allow time for longer check in periods as we practice safe distancing measures.

  • "Check in Process: All vendors will be practicing safe distancing protocol during the

    check in process. Activity company greeters will help explain the process to guests outside their check-in office upon arrival. Temperatures will be taken again, prior to signing activity waivers. Those guests with temperatures of 100.4 or above will not be permitted to participate on the tour. Similarly, guests in the same party of the person who tested with a high temperature will not be able to participate.

  • "Food Service Safety: For activities where food is requested, all food items are pre- packaged and are set out for guests to handle individually

  • "Contact Tracing is required and vendors are responsible for accurate record keeping.

  • "Transportation: Vehicles used for the transport of guests are cleaned between each use

    using approved sanitizers. Social distancing spacing will be enforced as per Hawaii State

  • and county guidelines. Please anticipate longer wait times for group movements.