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Sunday, September 5

Yellowstone Networking Tour – Full Day Event

Monday, September 6

Session I: “Why Can’t You Get More Done?” By Mike Robins

Though bookshelves and online resources are stuffed with guides to time management and productivity, most businesspeople struggle with these challenges.  This session will offer insight into those struggles and provide several practical, no-nonsense ways to optimize your schedule and increase your productivity immediately.  It will focus on the myth of multitasking, the Rule of 3 and how identifying your “biological prime time” allows you to take control of your calendar (instead of the other way around!).

Session II: "Economic Update I" by Marisa Di Natale

Session III: "Economic Update II" by Marisa Di Natale

Tuesday, September 7

Session I: “Strategic Considerations for Member Focused Credit Unions” by Peter Duffy

This session is tabbed by many Credit Union Executives to be part of their strategic planning conferences as it delves, with specific research, into the factors effecting growth, earnings, capital and member value sustainability. Takes a fresh perspective in identifying the competitive, regulatory and consumer behavior impact on an FI’s ability to grow while maintaining a semblance of profitability. Also discusses the myth that it’s “ok” to be not for profit by linking the ability to generate profit directly to membership value and membership growth. Session uses “rarely before seen” research that helps enhance the key conclusions and leads to various strategic considerations that every c-suite and board should have the chance to hear, discuss and debate.  In addition, what should CUs be thinking as they consider whether merger should be part of their strategic plan.  Why should merger be considered in the strategic plan and in what manner? And, what factors should c-suites and boards look at to determine why and in what manner. Am I a buyer, seller or should I look at an MOE (merger of equal)? Is my CU better off to “stay the course” and can you defend that choice?   “Economy of scale” is playing an outsized role in determining success- what does that look like and where is it headed?

Session II: by Deedee Myers - Check back soon for more information

Session III: by Deedee Myers - Check back soon for more information

Wednesday, September 8

Session I: "Lessons From the Pandemic” by Sam Taft

This session will focus on the strategic challenges credit unions are grappling with as the impact of COVID-19 continues to unfold across the country. Key issues credit unions are finding themselves forced to address include: the increased relevance of financial well-being and credit union mission, accelerating digital transformation, new partnership opportunities, and momentum around Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI). We will deconstruct these challenges and lean on lessons learned to inform our understanding of these challenges and potential paths forward. 


Session II: "Responding to a Changing Marketplace” by Sam Taft

Using the Jobs to Be Done Framework and disruption pioneered by Clayton Christensen, we will explore how credit unions can best prepare for and respond to the wide-ranging changes impacting their business models. COVID-19 has accelerated the trend of more workers entering the gig economy across the U.S. Credit unions are increasingly confronted with new challenges to serve a shifting membership base with different product needs, disparate financial conditions, and other factors all of which have ramifications for credit union income streams. As cooperatives navigate this new frontier, the insights of disruption and disruptive innovation can provide opportunities to move forward. Paramount to all of these challenges is harnessing and communicating the power of purpose as the ultimate differentiator.


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