Sunday Session: Group Open Discussion on Covid 19 and it's impact on Credit Unions 

Monday Session I: Elliot Eisenberg - Covid 19 Economic Impact

Monday Session II: Elliot Eisenberg - Forecasting for 2020

Tuesday Session I: "Creating Change And Innovation: Your Plan for Implementing Growth" by Stacie VanDenBerghe

Becoming a successful change agent and embracing big picture thinking in your credit union is imperative to insure a future in this industry. This session will go over what it takes to create a strong vision, change your thinking to embrace the big picture, determine appropriate strategic initiatives, and use deliverables to ensure you are taking the right steps towards the implanting your desired growth potential. 


Tuesday Session II: "The Power of Engagement and the Priority of People” by Stacie VanDenBerghe 

Strong engagement from the boards to the front lines is imperative to a more successful credit union. This session will focus on all the ways in which we can better engage our boards, our leadership and the front lines and make picking the right people for those roles as a priority. By redefining and clarifying our expectations and building in accountability measures, we can unleash the passion for our industry through the right people who can make a significant impact on our purpose and bottom line. 

Wednesday Session I: "Big Data Challenges: Separating the Signal from The Noise" by Shahar Ziv

With continuing and rapid advances in technology, and increasing troves of data, data analytics and the resulting insights are making a difference in how credit unions operate and compete for market share. Most organizations, however, are not structured to take full advantage of the increasing power of data. The push to accelerate progress can be overwhelming – where does an organization start, how does it store and manage data, and gain actionable insights from its data? This session will not only frame the landscape catalyzing the need for predictive data and analytics, but also discuss best practices and potential pitfalls, as well as provide actionable advice that will lead to strengthening the member experience.


Wednesday Session II: "Ethics Inside the Gold Mine of Member Data" by Shahar Ziv

Serving our members isn't confined to the front lines. As financial services providers, let's look at how we can ensure we are protecting our members and being responsible with the massive amount of their data we have right at our fingertips. This session will frame ethical challenges through the use of data in an interactive way to help attendees develop a framework of the most important dimensions when it comes to responsible use of data.



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