Friday “Pre-Conference Roundtable" Session: Moderator - Tansley Stearns

Participant Driven Session, Open Forum Discussion

This informative participant driven session is guided by a knowledgeable NCUMA Moderator.  The Moderator keeps the discussion flowing, and topics moving allowing attendees to get the most benefit from their time.


Saturday Pre-Conference Session: "How Do You Do? Meet Tomorrow's Credit Union Executive" by Tansley Stearns

As credit unions look to grow and thrive well into the future, finding tomorrow’s leaders matters more than ever. While we all agree that integrating executives who represent tomorrow’s members matters, putting that into action can be challenging. In this interactive session we’ll explore

  •        Identifying a long-term roadmap for potential new executives

  •        Defining the persona of potential executives

  •        Defining the role of new board members in our rapidly changing world

  •        Attracting and retaining new board members

  •        Integrating new executives successfully

You’ll leave this session with concrete ideas that you can put into action with your CU immediately.


Sunday Session: "NCUA Update" by NCUA Representative

An update directly from National Credit Union Administration. As this session is designed to give our members current, timely information directly from NCUA, the specific topics are left open until just before the conference. This gives the NCUA Representative an opportunity to compile the most beneficial information for our attendees and their specific area or type of credit union.


Monday Session I: "Economic Update Part I" by Elliot Eisenberg

More information will be posted soon about this session.


Monday Session II: "Economic Update Part II" by Elliot Eisenberg

More information will be posted soon about this session.


Tuesday Session I: "Top 10 Credit Union Mistakes" by Andy Keeney

Throughout Andy's legal career of representing hundreds and hundreds of credit unions he was confronted with dozens and dozens of issues that if made public in the press or in a lawsuit, it would have been devastating to the credit union involved.  This program will highlight Andy's top 10 and provide great insight as to what your Board or Credit Union should do to avoid the traps or mistakes of others..  Be prepared for some head shaking stories and some great takeaways as to how not to stray.  


Tuesday Session II: "The Future Direction of Credit Unions" by Andy Keeney

Who will be the members of the future?  Your future management team?  Your future Board members and will any or all of them support a path towards marijuana banking?  As you look around your credit union and your Board table you will conclude that in the next 10 years there will be great change.  The question is whether or not your Board and your credit union are  prepared to change the status quo and to encourage Millennials to become members, be part of the management team and maybe even expand into marijuana banking.  Learn how other credit unions have become flexible to welcome working moms to their Board, Millennials with face piercing and visible tattoos on the management team and how they are addressing marijuana banking.

Wednesday Session I: "Financial Crime Prevention & Detection" by Kevin Eack

With so many threats confronting financial institutions today, it can be overwhelming. This block of instruction will cover the most significant threats that confront your institution, including the best practices


Wednesday Session II: “Financial Crime Response" by Kevin Eack

In this second session, Kevin will walk you through lessons on how to combat the threats covered in the first session.



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